Final Award Ceremony Sept 25th,
New Delhi!!
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Winners will be announced from amongst the AIVA 2011 Regional Finalists on Sept 25th.
The Finalists are :
Individuals | Youth | NGOs | Corporates

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Shweta Gopalachari
Shweta Chari, an Electronics Engineer and the founder /CEO of Toybank had a vision of reaching out to children through fun and play using toys. The journey began on August 15 th , 2004. Within a shortest span of time and very minimal resources, Toybank is bringing smiles on thousands of deprived faces. Toybank acts as a leveler of the society by taking toys from those that can give and distributing them to the ones in need. Through the years, toys were collected, segregated and gift-wrapped and then gifted on a one-on-one basis to the kids from all over Bombay, the beneficiaries of toys were impacted much beyond her expectation.

The children began to recognize that play was one of their core rights. They also began expressing themselves better and were more in tune with their lives and circumstances. With the help of volunteers Toybank started monitoring the children that were impacted through the Toybank activities. The events became more intense with more focus given to value education to the children while during the toy distributions. Toybank now also runs in Bangalore, Pune and Delhi and even Bhutan with the support from core Toybankers.

Shweta is a go-getter. She is a self-driven individual and is passionate about everything she does in her life. She handles Toybank’s core strategies, ideates on new concepts to expand Toybank. She also goes full throttle into raising toys and funds for Toybank. She has been featured on the cover page of India Today magazine as one of the bright Social Entrepreneurs in India and also Toybank’s work was documented by UK’s National Television Channel 4 on a special series called the ‘Slumdog Secret Millionaire’ program in January 2010. Shweta has also been invited as a speaker at the prestigious TEDx Gateway held in Bombay in October 2010. In January of 2011, she was conferred the ‘Star Social Entrepreneur’ award at the Indira International Innovation Summit in Pune.