Regional Finalists Announced!
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Regional Finalists announced!
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Corporates : Mjunction (Tata Steel and Sail JV)  
ejunction – a trust promoted by mjunction services limited  
Since the inception of mjunction in 2001, we have been committed to building an organization high on values and ethical standards. We believe in conducting business legally and ethically and we have in place a strong code of ethics that guides our transactions with our colleagues, customers, government, regulators and the society at large.

One look at our parentage (mjunction is promoted by SAIL & TATA Steel) would be sufficient elucidation as to why. In fact, these tenets are imbibed in our DNA.

It is this sense of appreciation for values and ethics that is the quintessence of our dedication to Corporate Social Sustainability (CSS). Rather than looking at CSS purely as philanthropy and as external to our business operations, we understand how ethics and altruism can be incorporated into our processes to contribute to and develop the social order. And this understanding ofthe fundamentalsof integrity and selflessness guide ejunction , our lovingly nurtured endeavour to reach out to the most deprived and deserving learners from the specially-abled and financially-challenged sections of society.

ejunction is an initiative thatadministers our social development activities. It is a trust created to spread eLiteracy for creating employability amongst the aforesaid sections of society, and we run it with the same level of commitment and dedication as that for any business unit. In fact, we run it with the precision of a business unit, albeit a ‘not-for-profit' one.About fifty fivepercent of our employees based out of Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Chennai, Durgapur volunteer as trainers for the programme which is four month basic computer course covering, MS office, i.e. Word, Excel, Powerpoint and internet application along with English communication skills.

Motivating employees to volunteer as ejunction trainers has never been difficult. All we have to do is to send an internal eMailer before the commencement of a batch and the show of hands seems like a deluge of volunteers ever so ready to do their bit for the greater cause. It is this spirit of altruism that has been the wind beneath ejunction's wings.