Regional Finalists Announced!
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Regional Finalists announced!
Congratulations to all. AIVA is proud of all of you
Corporates : Accenture  
Through our volunteering program, our employees spend thousands of hours of personal time with a range of non profits across India . The program provides community involvement through sustained interactions and capacity-building opportunities.

As a result, our non profit partners benefit from our peoples' time and skills, which in turns has a positive impact on the volunteers and society. Our volunteering program spans over 35 non profits, some of our key partnerships are Dr. Reddys Foundation, Hope Foundation, Don Bosco Tech which are focused on providing skill based training to underprivileged youth in a variety of high employment trades. These projects are designed in such a way which involves maximum employee participation, it includes supporting the beneficiaries on soft skills training, guest lectures and mentoring. Additionally, we work with our partners to strengthen their communication, fundraising and related requirements.

We also encourage the formation of local community teams that are set up by employees - formed internally from within the businesses. The teams determine the causes to support – from working solely on environmental issues to providing mentor support and life-skills training to youth from low income backgrounds.

A real time story:
Abhishek Sharad Raskar, an employee of Accenture visited a leading pharmacy store at Pune to buy some medicines. The saleswoman gave a big smile  , which left him confused. When he was about to leave, she asked  him “Are you  from  Accenture? and  then  she started  thanking him! Taken aback he asked  her  why she was thanking him , to which she responded saying she was from Dr. Reddy's Foundation Pune, and was "lucky" enough to be a part of Accenture's "Skills to Succeed" initiative. Further she said, "All that I learned from Accenture's volunteer's has helped me clear the interview procedure at Pharmacy and now I am earning my daily bread"

Talking about her other friends, she said that, many of them too, were  now earning a respectful daily wage,  all thanks to Accenture!!